Payroll & Tax Compliance

Enjoy a customized payroll & tax management solution for any-sized business!
Our Services Include:
  1. Monthly salary calculation and delivery;
  2. Individual Income Tax (IIT), social insurances and housing fund calculation, deduction & submission;
  3. Annual and monthly report of IIT, social insurances, and housing fund contributions;
  4. Employee online portal;
  5. Employee payroll data maintenance.
A payroll service ‘plus’

Our fully managed payroll service is comprehensive, flexible, and tailored to your specific situation. We efficiently and effectively manage your payroll needs, including:

1.  taking your data and running your payroll on time, every time;

2. dealing with the administration associated with starters and leavers;

3. straightforward importing and exporting of payroll data;

4. calculating all deductions, from NSSF to income tax;

5. delivering payroll reports to your specification, including by business unit or department;

6. producing employee payslips, with the facility for online access;

7. arranging secure payment of salaries.

8. calculating monthly remittances due to MOF DASS and NSSF, as well as arranging payment;

9. making other payments including contributions and expenses;

10. making secure online submissions to MOF D A S S ensuring full compliance with their Real Time Information reporting requirements;

11. handling MOF DASS correspondence relating to payments and NSSF matters;

12. preparing employee and company forms R5,R6,R10;

13. providing support and advice in relation to internationally mobile employees.