Managing your payroll

needn’t be a headache

Through our fully managed payroll service we deliver reliability, accuracy and insight on which you and your employees can rely.

The Vision And Revision Employers’ Support Group handles the processing of your payroll from start to finish. We relieve you of your payroll administration burden, while also helping your organisation gain full value from its remuneration costs. Using our specialist staff means that you save both time and cost.

A payroll service ‘plus’

Our fully managed payroll service is comprehensive, flexible and tailored to your specific situation. We efficiently and effectively manage your payroll needs, including:

  1. taking your data and running your payroll on time, every time;
  2. dealing with the administration associated with starters and leavers;
  3. straightforward importing and exporting of payroll data;
  4. calculating all deductions,from NSSF to income tax;
  5. delivering payroll reports to your specification, including by business unit or department;
  6. producing employee payslips, with the facility for online access;
  7. arranging secure payment of salaries;
  1. calculating monthly remittances due to MOF DASS and NSSF, as well as arranging payment;
  2. making other payments including contributions and expenses;
  3. making secure online submissions to MOF D A S S ensuring full compliance with their Real Time Information reporting requirements;
  4. handling MOF DASS correspondence relating to payments and NSSF matters;
  5. preparing employee and company forms R5,R6,R10;
  6. providing support and advice in relation to internationally mobile employees