Employers Support

Why Vision & Revision

We believe the quality of our service is second to none. We offer:

  1. a highly qualified payroll team with over 20 years of experience;
  2. two dedicated Vision & Revision professionals assigned to your payroll;
  3. high quality processes and procedures to ensure accurate payroll processing;
  4. responding to payroll queries from your employees ;
  5. flexible and market leading payroll software;
  6. highly regarded expertise and professionalism,
  7. access to international payroll support through the Moore Stephens International network of firms;
  8. close working with experts in tax, pensions, wealth management and other related disciplines, enabling us to advise you on issues such as tax-efficient remuneration, share schemes, pension planning (including pensions auto- enrolment administration) and employee benefits;
  9. fully complying with data protection legislation and maintaining comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity plans to ensure reliable and robust service provision

Data isn’t just data to us -we ‘sense check’ everything we do

We don’t blindly process any and all payroll data that our clients provide. We proactively use our payroll expertise to spot the error or missing element that could otherwise result in payment errors, incorrect records or HMRC queries, and will feedback to you any concerns.

Our clients entrust us with making total payments to DASS and NSSF in excess of US $ 10 Million each year

We’ve been providing high quality payroll services to employers in multiple sectors for many years, and now support over 200 clients.

DASS doesn’t faze us -we’ve been involved from the start

We are experienced operators of DASS’s Real Time Information scheme,having participated in the pre-launch pilot. We understand how it works, and are fully compliant with all DASS requirements.

We understand that payroll is personal

We know your employees are vital to your organisation’s success. For this reason, through our rigorous procedures and controls, we make sure your employees are paid what they expect, when they expect it. We are there to help you, your business and your employees so that you can concentrate on your business.